Alien Breed and the music of Allister Brimble

Alien Breed screen 1

Gameplay from Alien Breed 92 Special Edition

As I said previously, I’ve set up a virtual Amiga desktop on my PC using the excellent WinUAE emulator and I’ve managed to find a bit of time to play a few of my favourite games from the Amiga era. I’ve even bought an Xbox controller, which works like a charm with WinUAE and can even be configured to the CD32 controller button set-up.

I’ve been having ago at the original Alien Breed games and I had forgotten how fantastic the demoscene-style music was for these games (isn’t nostalgia great).

Alien Breed was a hugely popular two-player top down shooter from Team17, originally released in 1991. An expanded version was released in 1992 as Alien Breed 92 Special Edition. This was then followed up by the sequels Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues, released in 1993, and Alien Breed: Tower Assault, released in 1994. The games may have just been a tad inspired by the 1986 film Aliens.

The music for these games, which features on the titles/menu screen, was composed by Allister Brimble, who contributed music to more than 100 Amiga games.

alien breed 2

A non-animated cut scene from Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues

The franchise was “rebooted” as a first-person shooter (FPS) in 1995 with Alien Breed 3D and Alien Breed 3D 2: The Killing Grounds in 1996, which were inspired by the success of Wolfenstein 3D (1992) and Doom (1993) on the IBM PC. Although these games were developed by Team17, they were published by Ocean and Allister Brimble did not contribute music.

Anyway, I’ve recorded the titles from the first four games, which all feature Brimble’s brilliant music, and uploaded to YouTube (the music is pretty much identical for the first two, but I’ve included them all for completion). Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Alien Breed and the music of Allister Brimble

  1. Thanks for a great post concerning Alien Breed. 🙂 As for the music, I totally agree – excellent stuff. I believe Bjørn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome/Crusaders did the music for Alien Breed 3D? Perhaps some bits for Tower Assault as well? Is that correct?

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    • Thanks. Yes, he did do the music for Alien Breed 3D and I think also the sequel. I’m not aware that he contributed to Tower Assault – if I remember rightly, the only music in the game is on the titles and that was definitely by Allister Brimble. That said, they did make an FMV movie for the CD32 version of Tower Assault (which is pretty painful to watch in terms of the acting), so maybe he contributed music to that?

      I completed Alien Breed 3D back in the day, but I could never get the sequel running smoothly on my A1200 even with my 68030 and 32mb of fast ram – so I gave up on it. Should be able to play properly on WinUAE though, so I might give that ago sometime 🙂

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