Dead Secret Review – Gaming Respawn

If you’ve ever wondered what Silent Hill or Resident Evil would look like reimagined as a first-person point-and-click murder mystery, then you need look no further than indie game Dead Secret. Originally released back in November for the Samsung Gear VR, it’s now available on Steam in desktop format for those of us not yet lucky enough to own a headset.

Set in Kansas 1965, Dead Secret puts you in the shoes of ambitious reporter Patricia Gable. Smelling a big story when retired academic Harris Bullard is found dead in his study, she heads over to his isolated farmstead to investigate. The coroner ruled the death as natural, but the facts just don’t add up. Gable reasons that there are four likely suspects: errand boy Bobby Sawyer, live-in research assistant Josie Herrera, ex-wife Cynthia Peckman, and former colleague Graham Wellington. But, as with all good thrillers and whodunnits, there’s far more to this mystery than first meets the eye and it’s up to you to disentangle the complex web of intrigue.

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