Killing Floor 2 Bullseye Update | Return of the Sharpie – Gaming Respawn

Following a “beta preview” over the weekend, this week saw the launch of a huge 2.9GB update to zombie wave shooty-fest Killing Floor 2. Highlights include two new maps, a new perk and a bucket load of refinements to the existing perks, weapons and zeds. Having been in early access for over a year now, this latest update brings Tripwire Interactive’s popular co-op FPS closer to full release, with only two perks left to implement – Martial Artist and SWAT. Neither of which featured in KF1 and we currently know very little about. Though I’m certainly intrigued.

Yes, the long-awaited and much-loved Sharpshooter perk has finally arrived and it doesn’t disappoint. Reprising its role from KF1, the Shapie has low ammo, a slow rate of fire and long reloads between shots, but deals massive damage and penetration and is well suited to stunning and dispatching Scrakes, Fleshpounds and bosses. However, it requires skill and practice to be effective. And, as with the Gunslinger, is heavily dependent on landing head shots, but even less capable of dealing with hordes. Also the Sharpie’s aim is heavily affected from taking hits, so relies on teammates to keep the trash at bay. Handily, their grenade temporarily freezes all zeds caught in its radius, allowing them to be easily picked off with head shots.

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