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Game Jolt’s Adventure Jam has inspired some really fantastic short-form games from budding indie developers. Seeing as the voting period is now officially over, I thought I’d check out the winners from the Best Overall Game category, as voted by the community. So this week’s Indie Freebies are: the first-placed Four Last Things, a Monty Python-esque caper about sin and renaissance art; the second-placed Wagner and the Third Light, a first-person detective-noir about a shipwreck; and the third-placed Dead Man’s Crossing, a gorgeous little pixel adventure set on a Wild West ghost train.

Four Last Things: A Point-and-Click Renaissance Masterpiece
As someone who still wrestles with a Catholic guilt complex from a relatively strict religious upbringing, Four Last Things is definitely something I can relate to. Yes, it’s a game all about sin. Or to be more precise, the four last things in a Christian’s life – death, judgement, heaven and hell.

But don’t look so worried, this a comedy and not in the sense of Dante’s epic poem. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek comedy that strives to be intelligent and ridiculous in equal measures. As creator Joe Richardson puts it so succinctly, “think Monkey Island meets Monty Python meets Hieronymus Bosch”. The clue is in the animations and backdrops, crudely and humorously constructed from a mishmash of classic renaissance paintings, à la Terry Gilliam.

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