Agony remake – free playable demo on Game Jolt | Retro Video Gamer

Amigans and fans of horizontal-scrolling shumps will be interested to know that a freelance comic artist has taken it upon himself to produce an unofficial remake of Amiga classic Agony. It’s still in the early stages of development, but you can take a look at it now with a free playable alpha-demo hosted up on Game Jolt.

I loved Agony back in the day. Developed by Art & Magic and published by Psygnosis in 1992, it wasn’t the most innovative game in terms of its mechanics. Like others of its ilk, you fly and shoot your way through several levels of assorted baddies, fighting a boss at the end of each stage, while collecting weapon upgrades and assorted power-ups. Unfortunately the combat wasn’t particularly inspiring or exciting and the storyline was fairly tenuous.

But what makes Agony so memorable was its sumptuous fantasy artwork and incredibly atmospheric music.

Read more via Retro Video Gamer at Agony remake – free playable demo on Game Jolt.


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