A look at new features coming in Elite: Dangerous 2.2 | Gaming Respawn

You could say we’re enjoying something of space renaissance within the wonderful world of gaming. But with all the talk of late revolving around the release of the highly divisive No Man’s Sky (if ever there was a case for not pre-ordering…) and the encouraging new gameplay footage recently showcased by the ever-elusive Star Citizen, it’s easy to forget that Elite: Dangerous, the latest game in the original open-world space franchise, is well into its second year of full release and still going strong.

Reminding people that Elite: Dangerous does in fact still exist, British developer Frontier Developments used their platform at this year’s Gamescom to unveil some of the interesting features and tweaks coming in next big update. Known as The Guardians (or Elite: Dangerous 2.2), highlights include passenger travel and tourism, ship-launched fighters, vessel transfer and module storage, the SIN broker, space installations and revamped port interiors, and improvements to galaxy and system maps.

Read more via Gaming Respawn at A look at new features coming in Elite: Dangerous 2.2


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