Ian’s Eyes Review | Gaming Respawn

It’s Ian’s first day at his new school, and things are not going well at all. He’s just not fitting in with the other students. But that’s because he’s blind and they’re all zombies intent on eating his delicious bbbbrrrrraaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss. Something to do with a slideshow they all watched at a presentation in the gym. Or maybe they’re all just goth kids indulging in a bit too much roleplay, who can tell? Luckily for Ian he’s got you, North, his ever-faithful guide-dog companion, to help him out. I guess you could say you’re Ian’s Eyes. Woof, woof!

Despite being billed as a survival horror adventure, Ian’s Eyes is probably far better described as a stealth game. Trapped inside the Blue Norholm Centenary School, the gameplay boils down to guiding Ian through a sequence of classrooms and halls overrun with vicious little biters. With no way of killing the zombies, it’s up to you to scout ahead, clear a path by distracting them, and then return to lead the slow-moving Ian to safety. And it’s curtains if either of you so much as brush past a zed or if Ian is left for too long by himself – he will quite literally die of fright if his fear-o-meter maxes out.

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