Dustbowl Review | Gaming Respawn

Despite their well-documented flaws, I absolutely love the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. As a series it certainly ranks among my all-time favourites and for some time now I’ve been seeking a worthy spiritual successor to the rich, mysterious and bleakly atmospheric world of the Zone. At last, I think I’ve finally found one, though little did I expect it to be in the form of a 2D retro-stylised point-and-clicker.

Dustbowl takes place in a forbidding post-apocalyptic future. Rapacious aliens came, saw and bled the planet dry of all its resources, leaving a thick cloud of toxic ash in their wake. Those who survived now dwell in the comparative safety and comfort of underground ruins, while scavengers and bandits eke out a perilous existence amidst the mutant-infested and radioactive wastelands of the dust-enveloped surface.

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