Massive update to my Elite: Dangerous guide


I’ve been working long and hard these past few days on expanding and improving my beginner’s guide to Elite: Dangerous. It’s now officially longer than my PhD thesis was, making it the longest thing I have ever written, though hopefully, infinitely more interesting and useful! I certainly know which one was more fun to write  🙂

Primarily, I have updated it to reflect the changes and new content introduced with the recent Guardians update (1.7/2.2). This includes brand new sections on passengers (Taxi service and tour operator), ship transfer and module storage, and ship-launched fighters. And my hyperspace section now also discusses FSD supercharging. Admittedly, given that the cheapest ship capable of installing hangars is the Keelback (costing 2.95 million), fighters are not going to be relevant to too many newbies, but I wanted to put it in there for completion. Plus, I’d like to feel that my guide also provides a quick and easy reference to more established but less experienced Commanders.

In addition, I have also added a new section on ships, modules and power management, and I’ve significantly extended, revised and restructured several sections, not least my chapter on combat and weapon fundamentals.

I hope this guide is still of use to people and I will continue to update and improve it on an ad-hoc basis and whenever there are significant changes to the game.


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