Indie Freebies: Ludum Dare 37 | Gaming Respawn

Always short of a few bob and looking for something a bit different, each week I scour the internet for fun, interesting or just plain curious Indie Freebies.

This week I’ve been purely looking at entries from the Ludum Dare 37 game jam, which took place last weekend. The somewhat restrictive theme was “one room”, but you know what they say about creativity thriving upon limitation and all that.

Anyway, my picks are: FIIL Mk 37, a game about managing your needs efficiently so that you can spend time working on your engineering masterpiece; Jim is Moving Out!, a quirky physics platformer where you have to help Jim move his room without damaging the furniture (too much); Pixel Artist Simulator, an interactive satire on being a struggling artist; and The Employee, a digital metaphor on modern working life.

Read more via Gaming Respawn at Indie Freebies: Ludum Dare 37


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