Explore The Bizarre World Of Murakami In Memoranda | Gaming Respawn

It takes bravery to attempt to emulate the fiction of one of the world’s most beloved authors, but that’s exactly what Bit Byterz has set out do to with their debut game Memoranda. An upcoming point-and-click adventure, it’s inspired by and draws directly upon the themes and strange happenings of many of Haruki Murakami’s short stories, the likes of Wind-up Bird and Tuesday’s Women and The Elephant Vanishes. Luckily, it seems that that the great man himself approves, his official Facebook page sharing a link to the game some time ago. So hopefully fans will too.

Set in a sleepy little coastal town that no one would have heard of if not for the mysterious disappearance of a circus elephant, Memoranda revolves around a young women who appears to be gradually forgetting her own name. But it seems other inhabitants of the town are losing important and defining aspects of their own lives too. There’s a man who’s lost his wife, a runner who’s lost his feet, a bird who’s lost his animal instincts, a soldier who’s lost his mind. Is it somehow all connected? Clearly it’s up to you to find the answer.

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