Pixel Art Academy: learn art through a social adventure game | Gaming Respawn

When I were a young ‘un, video games and pixel art were pretty much one and the same. Aside from some fairly primitive 3D, the comparatively miniscule resolution, memory and processing powering of the 8- and 16-bit machines left developers with little alternative in terms of visuals. Happily though, restriction drives creativity, and when done well, the visuals of these early games were frequently (and still are) beautiful and evocative, producing countless iconic characters and spiriting you and your imagination off to all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

Nowadays pixel art is purely a stylistic choice and very much en vogue within the indie and mobile game scenes. It’s a great option for developers with limited resources or experience, or those just wanting a different look and feel for their game. And obviously it’s a must for anyone developing remakes and tributes, or retro and homebrew titles.

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2 thoughts on “Pixel Art Academy: learn art through a social adventure game | Gaming Respawn

  1. Talk about coincidences. Since I’m a pixel art fan since the Golden Age of Amiga and games like Ishar or Dune 2 defined my taste, Recently I’ve been thinking about learning the most wonderful of arts myself, but, as usual, I didn’t make it past the youtube tutorial stage due to lack of motivation. Now it seems that someone is making a spinoff of Duolingo for lazy guys like me. Thanks for the good news.

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    • Yeah, growing up with a ZX Spectrum and then an Amiga and Sega Mega Drive, means I’m a big fan of pixel art. Especially the stuff from the Amiga era, much of which still looks amazing today. I’d be tempted to join up myself, but I just don’t have the time to commit to it – not without giving up some other hobbies and interests first!


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