Memoranda Review | Gaming Respawn

Mizuka is a young woman who keeps forgetting her name. She hasn’t slept for 17 days – the invisible old sailor living next to her bed won’t let her. A runaway circus elephant wants to be human. He’s hiding out in a cabin with a man who has lost his wife over his obsession with cooking spaghetti. The ghost of a WWII soldier stands in the middle of a plain steering a ship that isn’t there. He thinks he’s sailing from Manchuria to Japan. A man in a wheelchair sits on the beach daydreaming of becoming a fish. He sometimes thinks about cutting off his feet. Welcome to the bizarre unreality of Memoranda.

It’s an old-style point-and-click adventure inspired by and drawing directly from many of Haruki Murakami’s short stories. Like much of the Japanese author’s fiction, it’s a dreamy world of Kafkaesque surrealism, offbeat humour, and curious characters who all seem to have lost, or more precisely, are trying to recover, something intangible. Basically, it’s like an existentialist version of a LucasArts gam

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