Rain World Review – Discovery and Wonder Tinged With Frustration | n3dabl3

I’ve developed something of a love-hate relationship with survival platformer Rain World. First I loved it, then I hated it, now I’m kinda back to loving it again. It’s a game that can sometimes frustrate just as much as it enthrals and mesmerises, let down by some finicky controls and one or two questionable design decisions. It’s certainly proving divisive on the old internet, but on balance I’d say the positives do outweigh the negatives.

Rain World is set in a mysterious post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland – the rotting remnants of a lost alien civilisation, now colonised by an opportunistic yet chaotic ecosystem. It’s a world ravaged by frequent rains so bone-shatteringly intense that nothing caught in them can survive. Instead the inhabitants of this realm spend most of the time hibernating, only venturing out during the fleeting dry spells in search of nourishment.

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