Escape a Brutal Dictatorship in The Man Came Around | n3rdabl3

It’s bitingly cold; you can feel the warmth draining from your body. Your stomach rumbles with hunger, but you’ve nothing to eat. Every minute you linger, your condition worsens and the chances of being captured or shot increase. But up ahead you see another fugitive – he’s cornered by a patrol. What do you do: try to create a diversion, giving him a chance of escape, or do you walk away, leaving him to his fate? This is exactly the type of moral quandary you’ll have to face in The Man Came Around.

It’s a choice-driven survival game set in a dystopian reality. Developers Pipette Inc. describe it as a “political fable” that explores how a democratic system can fall. You take control of a group of five citizens attempting to flee Occida, a powerful nation that’s rapidly descending into a brutally repressive dictatorship. Your only hope is to cross the heavily-guarded Northern Border, tucked away in an inhospitable mountain region.

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