Elite: Dangerous Beginner’s guide update – Sept 2019

Well, it’s been a busy few months with moving from the UK to Canada (eh!), but my computer survived sailing across the Atlantic and I’ve now set up a Canadian man cave. How I’ve missed my desktop PC!

Anyway, I’ve finally had chance to play Elite: Dangerous again and check out of the changes since the September 2019 game update.

Disappointingly, there wasn’t anything for me to get excited about. The main change was a new monetization feature: a virtual currency called ARX for purchasing cosmetic items inside the game. I understand that Frontier needs fund continued development of Elite: Dangerous, but I’m really not a fan of virtual currencies.

A more welcome addition is the introduction of a voiced-acted tutorial that covers the basic controls and concepts of flying, combat, and space travel. When first starting out, you’ll now have to play this tutorial to earn your Pilot’s Federation license and be able to enter the main game. Though to be honest, this is something Elite: Dangerous could have done with much, much earlier on its development cycle.

Still, the lack of new content does mean that it wasn’t a lot of work for me to update my beginners guide. And, as an added bonus, I missed out on most of the major bugs that the September update introduced 😀

You can read the full September 2019 patch notes over on the official forums

Fly safe Commanders o7

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