Classic game music

A delectable curation of classic video game music from an era when pixel art was a necessity rather than a stylistic choice! Not necessarily chosen from my favourite games (though indeed some are), this is a selection of music that has delighted, captivated, thrilled, and impressed upon me over the years. Basically, the stuff I’m always humming to myself in the shower 🙂

If you want to shuffle the playlist, you’ll need to listen to it directly through SoundCloud.

Aside from one or two exceptions (thanks to the inconsistency of SoundCloud!!!), these tracks have been uploaded from my ever-growing personal collection. The vast majority have been sourced from accurate music files extracted or ripped from the original games. Sources for music files include:

  • UnExoticA — a collection of music ripped from Amiga games and demos
  • project 2612 — a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis music archive
  • Project AY — a collection of music files generated on the General Instruments AY sound chip, as used in the ZX Spectrum and the Amstrad CPC
  • High Voltage SID Collection (HSCV) — a huge Commodore 64 music archive
  • CPC Museum — a collection of Amstrad CPC music files
  • — an archive of music from the Super Nintendo/Famicom (SNES)
  • VGMRips — an archive of music ripped from a wide variety of computers, consoles, and arcade machines
  • Zophar’s Music Domain — an emulation website dedicated to preserving video game music in its original form

These files were then converted to mp3 (via wav/flac) using: