Amiga CD32 emulation guide - The Amiga CD32 console, released in 1993, was Commodore’s follow-up to the CDTV. Essentially, it was a repackaged Amiga 1200 with a built in CD-ROM drive and a bespoke 6-button joypad controller. Indeed, by plugging in a keyboard, mouse and floppy drive, you pretty much had a fully functioning A1200. Marketed as “the world’s first…
Building a virtual Amiga for retrogaming - Introduction Building the system Changing the display mode Setting up a shared directory with Windows Changing wallpaper and tidying up the desktop Installing and running games What if the game I want to play isn’t available as WHDLoad? Troubleshooting and additional tweaks and settings Useful resources 1. Introduction I recently built a new virtual Amiga…
Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide - Last revised: 19 May 2017. Now updated to reflect the changes introduced in 1.8/2.3. Plus Powerplay section expanded and brought more up to date. Let’s be honest, Elite: Dangerous (ED) doesn’t exactly go out of its way to explain things to players and as such it can be quite daunting to the newcomer, particularly those…

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