Amiga CD32 emulation guide - The Amiga CD32 console, released in 1993, was Commodore’s follow-up to the CDTV. Essentially, it was a repackaged Amiga 1200 with a built in CD-ROM drive and a bespoke 6-button joypad controller. Indeed, by plugging in a keyboard, mouse and floppy drive, you pretty much had a fully functioning A1200. Marketed as “the world’s first…
Building a virtual Amiga for retrogaming - I recently built a new virtual Amiga (emulated via WinUAE) for the purpose of playing classic games. My previous build mostly worked okay, but I was having a few issues primarily from upgrading to OS3.9 as well asĀ  installing software in a haphazard manner, so I decided to start afresh. Now that I have a…
Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide - Last revised: 10 January 2017. Now updated to reflect the changes introduced in 1.7/2.2 Let’s be honest, Elite: Dangerous (ED) doesn’t exactly go out of its way to explain things to players and as such it can be quite daunting to the newcomer, particularly those unfamiliar with the previous Elite games or space sims in…

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